Residential Service

We provide regular telephone service, along with some great custom calling features to help fulfill your communications needs at home.

As low as

All residential calling plans give you unlimited local calling throughout your area. With affordable long distance rates, you have the freedom to call anyone around the country or around the world at anytime without worry.

Contact us at 603-278-9911

Unlimited local calling to exchanges:
603-278; 603-374; 603-466; 603-697 municipal calling to flat rate residential and business customers 603-846

Business Service

We offer both single and multi-line business service.

Contact customer service and let one of our professionals assist you to select calling features that will help you get the most out of your telecommunications system. We also offer competitive long distance rates as well.

Single Line as low as




Contact us at 603-278-9911

Calling Features

Business and residential customers can enhance the effectiveness of your phone service. With many features to choose from, you can customize the features to your personal preference.


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Current telephone availability: Bretton Woods, Thompson and Meserve's Purchase, Sargent's Purchase, Chandler's Purchase.
*Price does not include any local, state or federal taxes and/or surcharges or fees. Installation fee applies. Click here to view current pricing information.