Battery Backup For Our Fiber-to-the-Home Services

Bretton Woods Telephone Company, Inc. (BWTC) and World Surfer are providing you with service over our new state of the art Fiber Optic technology for both internet and video services. This means you can send and receive information over longer distances at much faster speeds.

There are two devices that have been placed on your property to provide you with this new service. An Optical Network Terminal (ONT) and an accompanying Battery Backup Unit (BBU) from Cyber Power have been placed on the inside of your home. The battery back-up unit is very important because during an electrical power outage, it powers your ONT which enables your communication services. The battery back-up plugs into an existing standard 120v outlet.

You are responsible for purchasing and/or replacing the battery within the battery back-up unit enclosure. A typical rechargeable battery will last about 8 hours*; however, it is important to periodically check it just like you do the batteries in your smoke detectors. Each Cyber Power Battery Backup Unit (BBU) enclosure has a battery indicator light on the front. Should the BBU detect a failed battery, the indicator light next to the picture of a battery with an ‘X’ through it will (A) illuminate, this is an indication that the battery needs to be replaced.

CRITICAL: Failure to maintain your battery may result in loss of service during a power outage which will prevent access to services.

BATTERY REPLACEMENT: 12V; 7.2AH/12Vx1; [sometimes referred to as “Sealed”] Lead Acid Battery

  • → Replacement batteries can be purchased through BWTC for all customers.
    • Labor to install the BBU battery and dispose of the old battery will be free if you currently subscribe to a “bundled package”.
    • Should you not currently subscribe to a “bundled package”, labor and disposal costs will be on a time + material basis.
    • Please call Customer Service: 603-278-9911 to make arrangements.
  • → Replacement batteries can also be purchased at any major battery distributor.
  • → Please refer to battery back-up manufacturer websites at or for instructions regarding how to replace the battery.

BATTERIES MUST BE RECYCLED: If you purchase a battery from a commercial battery outlet, please return your used battery to them. If you purchase a battery through BWTC and we install the battery for you, we will recycle the battery at no charge to the customer.

*Battery life may vary, based on average usage during a power failure.