Over 77 years of service

Mount Washington Hotel

The Bretton Woods Telephone Company (BWTC) began operations as a department of the Mount Washington Hotel with a magneto switchgear system, which served all of the buildings on the property. In 1947, the company officially became an independent public utility company. Over the years, the company has updated its switching equipment, enabling it to expand telecommunication service to additional Bretton Woods properties, including the administration buildings, the ski area, condominiums, and single-family homes. Since 1988, the company has invested in significant equipment conversions to stay competitive in the fast paced and rapidly changing world of telecommunications and to meet the growing needs of the entire resort property as it has expanded over the years.

In February, 1992, the Lynch Corporation (LICT) acquired Bretton Woods Telephone Company. LICT is an integrated communications company engaged primarily in providing an array of communications services to residential, business, and governmental customers.

BWTC serves the people of Bretton Woods, NH and is always looking towards the future to ensure our customers have the latest technology available to them. To that end, BWTC has completed building a F-T-T-H network within our service area. With this cutting edge communications technology, we can run a single strand of fiber optic cable straight to your home to bring you the ultimate in high speed internet service.